Epitome of Professionalism

We were second-time homebuyers, new to the Columbus area. Our situation was complicated; we were geographically separated due to our jobs, trying to search for a home via the internet, email, and phone. Amber was quick to respond via all communication modes, deftly helping us sort through the homes to find ones that met our specifications, as well as giving honest feedback about where our expectations were or were maybe not realistic.

The one weekend we were both able to be in Columbus, Amber made the most of it, with many homes lined up for viewing. With only one long shot home remaining at the end of the first day, she volunteered to meet us the following day (Sunday) at the home, as she understood and appreciated our circumstance. The home was foreclosed and it was the dead of winter; four feet of plowed snow piled up from the busy street prevented vehicles from entering the long driveway to the house. She willingly agreed to trudge with us on foot through three feet of snow to take a look at this home, on the outside chance it could be the one for us.

As it turned out, we fell in love with this long shot and eventually entered into contract with the seller. As a bank-owned home, the seller was agonizingly slow to respond as our offer worked its way through the bureaucratic cogs. We submitted a lower offer in an attempt to expedite the process and circumvent competitive bidding. Amber assisted us greatly during this strategic part of the home negotiation, and she remained diligent, querying the seller daily for a status during the month it took to get into contract.

As we began the home inspection phase, one thing after another was found to be wrong with the house. Our preferred lender was unable to provide a conventional loan for a house in such disrepair. Amber was instrumental in providing contacts for non-conventional loans, as well as for contractors to assess the state of the roof, HVAC, electrical, septic, and well systems. Time was critical during this phase, and Amber worked efficiently and effectively, even to the point of researching the home?s appliances to gather additional information for us. She consistently went well beyond our expectations of a realtor and produced amazing results.

Due to the extensive issues, we decided to ask the seller for a lower price. A delicate topic from all sides, Amber worked with us to determine a fair price. She was honest about what she thought was reasonable, while at the same time completely supportive of our decisions. She patiently worked with both us and the seller to come to an agreement. Her involvement in the process, as well as her diplomacy skills, was instrumental in sealing the deal. When questions came back regarding our offer, she was able to defend it, highlighting many issues with the home of which the seller was not aware.

Coordinating a long-distance foreclosure purchase was not easy and often took twice as long to do paperwork. But Amber was continually patient in working with us, even if the two of us unknowingly emailed her separately with the same question or conflicting answers to a question she had asked. Amber is the epitome of professionalism, and we have already been recommending her to everyone in the Columbus area who is looking for a realtor. We cannot say enough about how top-notch her service is.

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