Networking Genius

Amber is not only a great Realtor, but a dear friend. Given my 20 years of digital marketing experience, Amber is kicking it out of the park to help her clients, learning and deploying new online tactics. She’s always upbeat, has a “will find a way” attitude and is constantly learning: from marketing tactics to local housing market activity.

Amber works tirelessly! Given the state of today’s marketplace, Amber is a networking genius. She knows that it takes a lot more than just relying on MLS for new listings. Relationships are her strength! I recently heard that she’s in the top 20% of all Central Ohio Realtors. That’s a HUGE accomplishment given the saturation of realtors in this market.

Amber helped us sell our condo in a REALLY rough market (2014). She also weathered our crazy demands when we purchased our current home. My husband is a Real Estate Appraiser so our back and forth was as rigorous as they come when dealing with difficult clients 🙂. I feel like we saw close to 50 homes and we were dictating a lot more than a typical client would. Amber was very patient, graceful and direct when she needed to be. We found our house online at 1am and Amber had us in to see it at 3p the following day. By 6p we were in a bidding war and won! xxoo

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